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Imacon Scans

The Imacon scanner can handle standard film formats by the roll or individual frames; film does not need to be cut. This scanner has a dynamic range of at least 3.2, which ensures that negatives are scanned with almost as much detail as a drum scan. It is able to do an adequate job scanning chromes, but the extended range of a drum scanner will capture additional highlight and shadow detail. Color references should be provided when scanning negatives to achieve the best results.

We can accommodate single-frame cut film and 4x5 sheet film, where we can scan approximately 96% of the frame. Each scan is manually adjusted for color and exposure by a skilled technician. If a color reference is provided, or when scanning from transparency, the final file will be a near-match. While Imacon scans will give noticeably better scans than machine scans, you may need to do additional adjustments to achieve optimal results. Because each scan is done individually, file names will match roll/frame numbers (except when scanning entire rolls of film). Files from color originals are free of dust and slight scratches are automatically removed (badly damaged originals will require an additional fee to "clean"). Black-and-white film cannot be automatically "cleaned" and scans from B&W film will be provided "as-is." If you wish to have us remove dust and scratches from B&W film we can do so for an additional charge. By request, scans can be done without key lines by scanning 96% of image area instead of the full frame.

We accept the following film formats for Imacon scans: 35mm, 120, 220, 4x5
Notes: we cannot scan any 35mm format larger than 24x36 (e.g. panorama) or Polapan/Polagraph originals; 4x5 film cannot be scanned full frame.
Maximum File Size Per Film Format: 35mm = 60MB, 6x45 = 65MB, 6x6 = 80MB, 6x9 = 110MB, 4x5 = 120MB

Drum Scans

Our drum scanning department is able to capture full tonal range and all the detail in any original. We can scan any size original up to 11x14 transparency and 16x20 reflective. The entire frame of any format, including rebate or borders, can be scanned. This is the only way to scan 6x8 or panoramic film. Virtually unlimited resolution results in file sizes up to 2GB from any original.

This is best for general-purpose drum scanning of images for use in archives or for retouching. Our drum scanning service includes manual adjustments for color and exposure, and will be a reasonable match to originals or photographic samples. We can also achieve specific output dimension and resolutions. Files are free of dust introduced by the scanner, plus slight scratches on originals are removed due to the oil-mounting process. Please note that scans from reflective art (prints) often appear very "dusty" due to imperfections in the original; these imperfections are NOT removed during scanning.