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Black & White

Looking to process, print, scan or create proof sheets with your Black & White film or slides? Try eFilm, our online film developing service.

What is eFilm?

eFilm is Icon Online's easy to use source for everything related to film. With eFilm you can process, print and scan C-41, E-6 and Black & White film and create proof sheets with C-41 and Black & White film. We use Kodac chemicals to develop your film sizes 35mm up to 11" x 14". Order your film services online and we will even pay the postage for you to mail it to us.

Where are your Black & White film services located?

You can find Black & White services on our eFilm website.

How does it work?

Navigate to the Order page from the top menu of the eFilm website. Select the process, print and scan options you want from the Black & White menu and click add to cart. After ordering you will receive a receipt by email that contains a link to download your free postage paid mailer.

What are my options?

For Black & White we offer processing, printing and scanning of your film rolls, processing of your slides and you can create proof sheets with all Black & White film types. Additional options are Negative Paging, Cross Processing, Push/Pull, Burned CD's and FTP Hosting.

Other useful information

We accept Black & White film sizes from 35mm to 11" x 14". Our prints are available in multiple sizes depending on what type of 35, 120 or 220 film you use and our scans are available in low, medium and high resolution.

How much does it cost to process, print, scan or proof my film?

The price varies depending on the process, print, scan and proof options you select. For a detailed price list click here.